Adobe Lightroom Keyword Libraries

If you take photographs of animals and use Lightroom, you will probably be interested in tagging or keywording accurate species information to your photos. The idea is you add the keyword of the bird species to an image, and Lightroom adds the family, scientific and international names to your keywords when you export your photo. So, if you were to add "Peregrine Falcon" to your photo then export it, the keywords will contain "Falconidae, Falco peregrinus, Caracaras and Falcons, Peregrine Falcon".

The All Species bird list makes use of the International Ornithological Union's World Bird List available at,
all other lists make use of the resources of Wikipedia.

All 10,475 Species of Birds of the World

World birds (extant and extinct) with family hierarchy:   120 KB   119 KB   119 KB   117 KB   117 KB   116 KB


Antarctic birds with family hierarchy:   1.12 KB


Australian birds with no family hierarchy:   10.8 KB

Australian birds with family hierarchy:   11.9 KB

Australian butterflies with family hierarchy:   6 KB 

Australian mammals with family hierarchy:   5.77 KB

New Zealand birds with no family heirarchy (with Māori names):   5.39 KB

New Zealand birds with family hierarchy (with Māori names):   6.16 KB

Papua New Guinea birds with family hierarchy:   11.3 KB


Chinese birds with family hierarchy:   17.1 KB

Indian birds with family hierarchy:   17.1 KB

Indonesian birds with family heirarchy:
LR_IDN_List_Family   20.4 KB

Israeli birds with family hierarchy:   7.99 KB


Danish birds with family hierarchy:   7.06 KB

French birds with family hierarchy (English and French names):   11.6 KB

Russian birds with family hierarchy:   10.8 KB

Swiss birds with family hierarchy:   6.18 KB

North America

Cuban birds with family hierarchy:   6.24 KB

Greenland birds with family hierarchy:   4.34 KB

South America

Argentine birds with family hierarchy:   15.0 KB

Brazilian birds with family hierarchy:   23.0 KB


Egyptian birds with family hierarchy:   7.40 KB

South African birds with family hierarchy:   12.2 KB


These libraries work with Lightroom 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

IMPORTANT: Please back-up your Lightroom database before importing these keywords, just to be on the safe side.

1. Download the zip file you require.

2. Unzip the text file into a folder on your computer, e.g. My Documents.

3. Open Lightroom, select the Library module, then, from the menu select 'Metadata\Import Keywords...'

4. Navigate to where you unzipped the keyword file, select it and press 'Open'.

5. After the import has finished you will have a top-level keyword list (e.g. 'Australian Birds by family') - expand this to see all the species organised by family.

6. Next click the species name to the species in your photo and Lightroom will add the rest when you EXPORT.

Please feel free to download and use. If you find errors please contact me and I will endeavour to correct them.
Please use a link back to my website if you find these tools useful or wish to share them with anyone else.
The libraries are presented with no warranty implied or given.

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