Adobe Bridge Keyword Libraries

Adobe Bridge only allows one value per keyword, Lightroom allows multiple, so, the Scientific names have been added as a separate 'structure'. To get the English and Scientific names you have to tick two boxes - one for the English name and one for the Scientific name. I know this sounds like work, but, think of it as a positive learning experience.

The All Species bird list makes use of the International Ornithological Union's World Bird List available at,
all other lists make use of the resources of Wikipedia.

All 10,475 Species of Birds of the World

World birds (extant and extinct) with family hierarchy:   222 KB   220 KB   114 KB


Australian birds with no family hierarchy:   10.9 KB

Australian birds with family hierarchy:   11.9 KB

Australian mammals with family hierarchy:   5.79 KB

New Zealand birds with no family heirarchy (with Māori names):   5.33 KB

New Zealand birds with family hierarchy (with Māori names):   5.87 KB


These libraries work with Bridge CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.

IMPORTANT: Please back-up your "Adobe Bridge Keywords.xml" file before importing these keywords, especially if you already have species keywords.

1. Download the zip file you require.

2. Unzip the text file into a folder on your computer. For example, My Documents.

3. Open the Keyword panel, then the panel menu and select 'Import...'.

4. Navigate to where you unzipped the keyword file, select it and press 'Open'.

5. The keyword library will then appear in the Keywords panel.

Please feel free to download and use. If you find errors please contact me and I will endeavour to correct them.
Please use a link back to my website if you find these tools useful or wish to share them with anyone else.
The libraries are presented with no warranty implied or given.

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